What is Local Catch?

Local Catch revolutionizes the commercial fishing industry through its unique smartphone app, bridging the gap between individuals and businesses involved in the trade of fresh seafood. By addressing the longstanding issue of inadequate communication within the supply chain, Local Catch paves the way for a more efficient and sustainable approach to buying and selling seafood. The app empowers fishermen, distributors, restaurants, and consumers alike by facilitating seamless transactions and fostering meaningful connections. With a strong commitment to sustainability, Local Catch not only enhances economic interactions but also contributes to the preservation of marine ecosystems. In a world where connectivity is key, Local Catch stands as an innovative solution, fostering a community-driven approach to seafood commerce while prioritizing environmental responsibility.

How can Local Catch help me?

Depending on who you are in the industry depends on the benefits and services you will receive.

  • As a commercial fisherman, we help provide you with accurate data that will inform you of demand in the market.
  • As a seafood dealer, we offer buying and selling services. You are able to source from commercial fishermen, as well as fund wholesale and retail buyers.
  • As a restaurant, Local Catch helps keep fresh seafood in your restaurants. We also are a key platform to plan for future seafood specials with the “cast” feature.
  • As an individual, plan for your next cookout or simply scroll through the app to see what's fresh, local, and available right now.

What is a "Cast"?

A “cast” is a feature we have created to allow buyers to notify sellers (seafood dealers / commercial fishermen) what type of seafood they need. Our “cast” feature allows for you to get very specific with your request.

What is a “In the Cooler” post?

“In the Cooler” is another unique feature only available with Local Catch. While scrolling through the Local Catch app, you will see interactive posts. As a buyer, these posts show what is “in the cooler” and ready to buy right now. Star a message with the creator of the post by simply clicking anywhere on the post.

How can I get the most out of Local Catch?

The more people using the Local Catch app the more value you see. Local Catch has incorporated multiple proven services to benefit the commercial fishing industry and the more people using them the more benefit you are a user will get. Spread the word about Local Catch and watch how your business will change.

Is Local Catch free?

Local Catch is free for all users! We have no service fees or subscription charges associated with using our services.

What if I don't see any posts in the Local Catch app?

If you find yourself unable to view any posts upon logging into the Local Catch app, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. It's important to understand that seafood, due to its notably short shelf life, is often in high demand and gets swiftly acquired. As a result, posts might not always be visible because the seafood listed has already been sold, or the seafood requested "cast" has been successfully fulfilled. We strongly encourage you to take an active role in the Local Catch community by creating your own post. This will serve as a means to communicate your seafood preferences and requirements. If you are in search of specific types of seafood to purchase, crafting a “Cast” post outlining your preferences will let other users know about your needs. Conversely, if you have a supply of particular seafood to sell, your “In The Cooler” post can attract potential buyers.

Can anybody post seafood for sale?

Commercial fishermen and licensed dealers are the only users allowed to sell seafood within the Local Catch app. Upon signing up for our services, we require a commercial fishing license number for commercial fishermen and appropriate license numbers for seafood dealers.

If a user is found to have given an invalid license, we will address the situation and in some cases will result in suspension from being a Local Catch user. Proper authorities will also be notified of the fraudulent actions.

Where can I access Local Catch Services?

Local Catch is a custom and one of a kind smart phone application. We are available for download in the Google play and Apple App Store. If you are having trouble finding our app within the App Store, please reach out through email and we will gladly help. 

Local Catch allows individuals and businesses to sign up and use our services within a costal zip code. Our services are accessible to anyone residing within approximately 50 miles of the coastline anywhere in the USA. 

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